Encountering the Entity… by Kathryn Ravenwood  10-25-18The following is a synopsis of a session done with a friend. This was only the third Wellpoint session I had done to date. And yet, so much happened! (whose name has been changed to honor her privacy) 

My good friend, Nora, volunteered to do a session with me. Over the ten plus years we have known each other we have explored many successful guided meditations together with me leading her. Today, she had blocks she hoped to open. I needed the practice; seemed win-win to us. I was expecting an easy session.
We completed the intake portion of the process,  identifying areas where she hoped to find answers. Cozy and comfortable with a blanket and the frequencies, we began.  Nothing happened. Nothing. All she could say, in a barely audible whisper, was “dark.”  I tried taking her down deeper. 
“Where are you?”
“What can you see?”
“What do you sense or feel about where you are?”
I know this woman can “see” and “journey” a…

Tree Deva

Welcome to my new blog featuring information revealed during spiritual hypnosis sessions performed by Kathryn Ravenwood using the Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™.  I am excited to share this "soul wisdom" with you.  I hope you find these posts informational and even illuminating! To experience your own soul wisdom contact me for a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ session.  Details on my website:

Tree Deva - by Kathryn Ravenwood …From a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ Session
The forest filled my senses. Primordial and sacred it welcomed me. Ancient trees, untouched and vibrantly alive, filled the pure and fresh air with their scents of cedar and pine, mingled with the richness of dirt and growing things. The forest floor, dense and deep, muffled all sounds but the breath of the trees. This is a Holy place. My heart opened completely to the vibrations of love and peace.  A sense of being in the presence of greatness humbled me.I looked further and discovered myself,…